Here you’ll find updates from the Minister for Higher Education, and information from CCEA about how grades will be awarded this year, along with any updates to the results and appeals process.

Applying to university in Northern Ireland in 2021?

Here you can find all the information you need around how qualifications will be awarded this year, and how this may impact your application. 

How will grades be awarded in 2021?

This year, GCSE, AS, and A level results will be awarded as Centre Determined Grades based on an assessment of existing evidence, including coursework, class tests, controlled assessments, and mock exams.

For all vocational and technical qualifications where exams have not taken place, there will also be Centre Determined Grades.

JCQ have also provided this helpful infographic to explain further. 

When is results day?

Tuesday 10 Aug – for A levels, AS levels, and relevant Level 3 vocational and technical qualifications. 

Thursday 12 Aug – for A levels, AS levels and relevant Level 3 vocational and technical qualifications. 

More information

Summer 2021 Student Guide from CCEA

CCEA Student and Parent Guide on Post-Results Service for AS level, A level and GCSEs 

Appeals process

This year’s post-results service will involve two stages: 

Stage 1 – Centre Review: speak to your school or college to check whether a mistake was made in submitting your grade. 

Students must request a Centre Review between 10 August to 3 September.

Stage 2 – Appeal to CCEA: if you are unhappy with the outcome of the Centre Review, a Stage 2 appeal can be submitted to CCEA by your school or college. CCEA will manage this process and advise your school or college of the outcome. 

More information can be found by following the links above.

Students must request a CCEA review between 10 August and 17 September.

There is a priority service for students holding university or college places. However, requests for a Centre Review must be submitted by 16 August, and CCEA appeals must be submitted by 23 August. 

There will be no fee for students who use CCEA’s post-results service. 

Other post-results services such as access to scripts, reviews of marking, and reviews of moderation will not be available this summer. 

Remember: Grades can go up, down, or remain the same as a result of an appeal.  

Looking after your mental health and wellbeing 

Awaiting results can be a time of stress and anxiety. If your results are not what you hoped for, it can be an especially difficult time, but you are not alone, and there is a lot of support available to help you.

  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know what your options are, talk to someone at your school or college if possible.
  • If you need help with understanding the Clearing process, call UCAS on 0371 468 0468 or drop us a line on social media. We’ll talk you through it and answer any questions you have.

There’s also lots of information available online to help:

  • Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity and has lots of information and resources to help. They’ve also developed a new online hub called Student Space to help you manage the challenges of student life during COVID-19.
  • The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust has advice and tips to for managing anxiety and stress during results and Clearing.

Young Minds has good advice for young people awaiting their results.

Attending a UCAS event?

You can attend a virtual open day to find out more about unis, or chat to current students with Unibuddy. 

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